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This is my personal lifestyle blog which is devoted designing of my life as a peaceful, content, productive, healthy, mentally stable person who enjoys life, its offerings and who adds value to everything around her. There is a lot to do. I am always a bit living on the edge, anyway. My edge is the right edge. Since I came to Istanbul, all my routines are out of the window. There are no short walks in the woods or anywhere else, or hot water with lemon. I feel a different person here, a strange version of myself. The best part comes when I left myself to the experience with knowing I will be back home. It will be tough at the start to adjust but I will have a different routine. It will be so much better. SO far so good. How could I be sure of this? Because I have done this so many times. The last 2 years’ focus was more or less my reading habit as it was close to a box of granolas’ reading habits. I was still sounding healthy and sweet though. Then, it was a personal style… my sil…
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Haunted Painting and Clairvoyents

Even though I promised myself a while ago not to throw any painting away anymore, even not to paint over them, I tried to throw this one away.   Don’t you also think of it as ugly as well? Yet, there is something powerfully memorable or rememberable about it.  Is that the texture or the bold gestural confidence it emits. Maybe the conveyance of superstitious energies which have been encapsulated. This strange insect-like man flying over a road sweeps a car racing beneath. Perhaps a traveller from another world… Mistakenly landed here and not yet reformed fully.
I haven’t seen him in my dreams nor I’ve ever fantasized about him. I don’t even believe in the existence of such creatures. Just a random creation of the creative forces. The randomness of happenings is not my thing. Cause and reason don’t accept randomness.  Somehow, the act of painting embodies him. Thought takes shapes. As real as any other object, distorted or not, painted or thought. The power of an artist is the ability …

Addiction Is Never the Real Problem

Addiction is never a problem. On the contrary, dealing with addiction teaches invaluable lessons.  That makes addiction blessing in disguise for me. Time to time, I will be raising some questions with answers given. I would expect the answers will jump into your mind immediately My answers might show a slight variation than yours, or we might not. Here are a couple of those…
What made Nelson Mandela a Nobel Prize winner?   The time he spent in prison. Does everyone who spend 20 odd years in prison become a Nobel Prize winner?   No Nelson had time which allowed him not to rush, to understand and analyze people and situations, and understand/learn/practice the value of positive perspective. What if we had the same amount of time as he did. What would we do with it? Now, you might be wondering What makes me an expert on addiction? The time I spend in “my life”. Does everybody who spend time in their lives (not everybody does ) become an expert? No If you really want to know about my …

WhenNothing Works, Do This...

When Nothing Works…
Then Think;
Maybe they shouldn’t work.  Towards the direction I gallop is not matching with my true heart’s rhythm.
When nothing works, it is time for the hand I have to be reshuffled. 
Then is the time to put the emotions and the learned thoughts aside, and go deep in myself.
When nothing works I could do anything, and be anything for I have an excuse. I could stop following the old patterns; the patterns of mass hypnosis and point any direction I desire and say, that is where I am heading now.
It would be the unavoidable perfect time for analyzing what I really want and have to save my life. 
When nothing works, there is no God like external existence to go to, another living being to plea a rescue. 
There would be me, start working.
When nothing works, that is the time to change the way I think about money, relationships, family and work. New priorities will be bang on because I know exactly what doesn’t work so I can structure and construct what works for me. Happy days…

Paradox Of Fault, It is Not Your Fault

If it is not my fault the way that I am, whose fault is it?
It can’t be someone’s so it mine, that is how it works.  It is a depressing thought. How can it be my fault?  I didn’t know what to do in this world with this life. Learning it on the way, picking up pieces each day. The thought of all the fault being mine sent me down the rabbit hole. 
Too many thoughts, emotions and too many things to blame. The chosen way to live, stay in and keep minimal interaction with people became the option. It was safe. Fewer faults to bare, to be made, to be carried and to be berried.
 Nothing really changed as a result… 
Change of perspective, better to be in the mouth of a crocodile than in the belly. Crawl up that gob to get to the teeth, girl. 
I burst out this world, as we all know, as you were. Nobody gives a shit about the circumstances our hands dealt with. I don’t know, it is up to us how to play the cards.  I better learn to bluff or it is my fault. 
The faster I accept that it…

Facebook-Art Critiques Should Go For a Date For While

Facebook is an advertising agency. Our friends, associated, shops, big-small companies advertise their products and their lives.
Our lives become our products and we use Facebook to advertise this so someone buys into it. We want to sell our selves.
Sell sell sell…
“I am good at selling, check me out” We announce to the world. At least we think or we ought to think that we announce to the world.
The reach is so little.

There must be another way to go out and meet with people. To present the work and be sincere about our interaction.

We are involved as human beings. At least I’d like to think so.

I have just been to a friend’s house for a 2 artist exhibition. Things can happen outside the gallery spaces. It could be a tackle to get into a gallery space. It is a business, yes and there is nothing wrong with it. Just because I am not represented by anybody doesn’t mean that I am against one. But there it goes, we need alternatives.

Not being represented by a gallery doesn’t also mean tha…

Don't Follow Your Dream

Is it easy to follow your dream?
What Is The Dream?

We are being sold the phrase “follow your dream”, “follow your heart”.
Is it that easy? It sounds as if everything we need is given. We take the ride and dive in. Suddenly, we realize big that we are not equipped. There is a big catch, now we are infected with the idea that we have a dream and that is the best the life offers. When it is so, and we want the best, we carry on limping.
The seek of ointments start. We have caught the worm and dangling at the end of the fishing rode.

“Follow your dream”. We go to the books to figure out “how to”’s.
We buy books, read a little bit. We are exhausted.
Relaxation methods; sold.
Follow your dream. If you don’t have one; I give you one.
Your dream is my profit. Follow it.

Self-help books, methods, tactics, 5 ways to success.
We don’t know what success is so someone tells us what it is.
Success is your big house, success is when others served you in uniforms at restaurants where they all…