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A Different Way Of Walking

Someone has taken this approach further than I would ever dare. Sarah Marquis (born 20th June 1972) is a Swiss explorer. Between 2010 and 2013, she walked 20,000 kilometres (12,000 miles) alone, from Siberia to the Gobi Desert, and then through China, Laos and Thailand, before crossing Australia. She is truly amazing.
In the course of her journey, Marquis had simplified her life. Sometimes, she had to crunch on insects to assuage her hunger or dig desperately into the sand in search of a trickle of water. The National Geographic Society named her its 2014 Adventurer of the Year. If you would like to know more about her journey, click on the link:

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An Introspective Look to The Authentic Self

An introspective look to the authentic self:

I am my authentic self at the times when I have an effortless conversation. When I don’t seek for the next best thing to say or look for a witty line.
The authentic self is a flow which brings the spectacular string of events & people.
This deliberateness has the power to do, to be, to make things happen smoothly. Anything I want & a dream of could be possible. The question lies in the answer to “what do I really want?”. I could say “money” but it is not always the answer.  When I shake myself off from my pretentiousness, the competition I think I am in or the “musts or mustn't” and listen to my inner calling, I hear something different. 
What would be the way of deliberately reach the state of flow?
Tremendous amounts of tools and exercises are out there which offer ways to be better than I am, achieve more than I have.’ Be happier, richer; have the relationship of my dreams or the house with a good companion dog, I could outwit my…
This is my personal lifestyle blog which is devoted designing of my life as a peaceful, content, productive, healthy, mentally stable person who enjoys life, its offerings and who adds value to everything around her. There is a lot to do. I am always a bit living on the edge, anyway. My edge is the right edge. Since I came to Istanbul, all my routines are out of the window. There are no short walks in the woods or anywhere else, or hot water with lemon. I feel a different person here, a strange version of myself. The best part comes when I left myself to the experience with knowing I will be back home. It will be tough at the start to adjust but I will have a different routine. It will be so much better. SO far so good. How could I be sure of this? Because I have done this so many times. The last 2 years’ focus was more or less my reading habit as it was close to a box of granolas’ reading habits. I was still sounding healthy and sweet though. Then, it was a personal style… my sil…

Haunted Painting and Clairvoyents

Even though I promised myself a while ago not to throw any painting away anymore, even not to paint over them, I tried to throw this one away.   Don’t you also think of it as ugly as well? Yet, there is something powerfully memorable or rememberable about it.  Is that the texture or the bold gestural confidence it emits. Maybe the conveyance of superstitious energies which have been encapsulated. This strange insect-like man flying over a road sweeps a car racing beneath. Perhaps a traveller from another world… Mistakenly landed here and not yet reformed fully.
I haven’t seen him in my dreams nor I’ve ever fantasized about him. I don’t even believe in the existence of such creatures. Just a random creation of the creative forces. The randomness of happenings is not my thing. Cause and reason don’t accept randomness.  Somehow, the act of painting embodies him. Thought takes shapes. As real as any other object, distorted or not, painted or thought. The power of an artist is the ability …

After the Royal Arts Prize Exhibition, A Thank You Letter To My Supporters


What an amazing journey…

 Thank you for making it happen.  I am hoping you’ve all received a thank you letter form me. If not, I’d blame the Royal Mail and will send you another one.

I’d like to thank every each of you for your belief in me, for your friendship and trust. It has given me a different type of responsibility and a sense of belonging.

I would also like to thank the Royal Arts Prize for their generous reduction of the application fee and Eaton Trust for their generous funding towards the print costs of 2 of my photographs.

I wouldn’t have made it without any of you. It was like a puzzle coming together with one piece at a time.

So many wouldn’t know but I am super shy and introvert many of the times. That makes sending emails or contacting people a bit tricky for me. As I often not to disturb anyone. Here we are, some time has past and I feel it is time to give some details about the show.

Here is what I have done;

I have made two of my self-portrait photos printed…

WhenNothing Works, Do This...

When Nothing Works…
Then Think;
Maybe they shouldn’t work.  Towards the direction I gallop is not matching with my true heart’s rhythm.
When nothing works, it is time for the hand I have to be reshuffled. 
Then is the time to put the emotions and the learned thoughts aside, and go deep in myself.
When nothing works I could do anything, and be anything for I have an excuse. I could stop following the old patterns; the patterns of mass hypnosis and point any direction I desire and say, that is where I am heading now.
It would be the unavoidable perfect time for analyzing what I really want and have to save my life. 
When nothing works, there is no God like external existence to go to, another living being to plea a rescue. 
There would be me, start working.
When nothing works, that is the time to change the way I think about money, relationships, family and work. New priorities will be bang on because I know exactly what doesn’t work so I can structure and construct what works for me. Happy days…

Paradox Of Fault, It is Not Your Fault

If it is not my fault the way that I am, whose fault is it?
It can’t be someone’s so it mine, that is how it works.  It is a depressing thought. How can it be my fault?  I didn’t know what to do in this world with this life. Learning it on the way, picking up pieces each day. The thought of all the fault being mine sent me down the rabbit hole. 
Too many thoughts, emotions and too many things to blame. The chosen way to live, stay in and keep minimal interaction with people became the option. It was safe. Fewer faults to bare, to be made, to be carried and to be berried.
 Nothing really changed as a result… 
Change of perspective, better to be in the mouth of a crocodile than in the belly. Crawl up that gob to get to the teeth, girl. 
I burst out this world, as we all know, as you were. Nobody gives a shit about the circumstances our hands dealt with. I don’t know, it is up to us how to play the cards.  I better learn to bluff or it is my fault. 
The faster I accept that it…