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Ivana Krenicka Interviews Ayse Balkose

  IN A PERPETUAL QUEST TO PIN DOWN HER IDENTITY, THE VISUAL ARTIST AYSE BALKÖSE DEMONSTRATES THAT THE COMPLEX AND DYNAMIC NATURE OF SELF IS AN ABUNDANT SOURCE OF INSPIRATION. “ My intention is capturing the physical sound waves and emotional impact of music and transforming it into the form of three-dimensional patterns. ” Hailing from Turkey, Ayse is based in Sheffield and started painting as a way of addressing questions surrounding her identity. As such, playing around with the definitions of identity is one of the key elements of her artistic practice.   As a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, Ayse’s work is an ever-changing attempt to understand herself in the context of the society we live in today. Her artistic repertoire consists of oil painting, live art performances (dance painting), photography, audio projects and visual installations. Ayse’s strength lies very much in her versatility. She has been part of numerous successful collaborations, including  A   Journey of UnBe
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After the Royal Arts Prize Exhibition, A Thank You Letter To My Supporters

Hello, What an amazing journey…  Thank you for making it happen.  I am hoping you’ve all received a thank you letter form me. If not, I’d blame the Royal Mail and will send you another one. I’d like to thank every each of you for your belief in me, for your friendship and trust. It has given me a different type of responsibility and a sense of belonging. I would also like to thank the Royal Arts Prize for their generous reduction of the application fee and Eaton Trust for their generous funding towards the print costs of 2 of my photographs. I wouldn’t have made it without any of you. It was like a puzzle coming together with one piece at a time. So many wouldn’t know but I am super shy and introvert many of the times. That makes sending emails or contacting people a bit tricky for me. As I often not to disturb anyone. Here we are, some time has past and I feel it is time to give some details about the show. Here is what I have done; I have made two of my self-portrait

#4 What Does It Mean To Be An Artist? Who is An Artist?

What Does It Mean To Be An Artist? There is much to say on the highs and the lows, the development of characters and the presentation of the self in the work that we produce an the processes we live.. Of course, I am aware, not all of us think the same way. I may be one of the many who finds this internal experience uncanny and simultaneously gratifying. As my opinions go, by being one of those elevating beings who tends to share extensive time with many other artists, in both common and private spaces, the truth lingers in the air we breathe and share. For now, this is my insight into the depths of the question "What does it mean to be an artist?" that I share. I see artists as explorers. Each of us is unique. Still, I have observed some common traits. This article contains semi-biographic and semi-observational qualities. With one flip of a coin, an artist becomes a blend of a self-realized anthropologist, psychologist, and philosopher. Aware of the impacts of emo

Finding Sense Of Belonging In Art

I started painting because it gave me a sense of belonging. There was no right or wrong. There was no failure. Being with paints and a surface to paint gave me tremendous joy. My mind became free to express its inner being and life. Why was this important? I will not be talking about painting or art on my blog posts. Those are my extensions, the end result of my inner work. I'd like to talk about the work I put into my soul, my mind and my body to find the balance state in my life to get better, be joyful, not to feel poor or not to feel lonely. It is not about being rich or super wealthy, having millions of followers or tens of friends, or having the best relationship, the love of your life... I am talking about grassroots, all down level of not feeling lonely or not feeling not-loved, not-liked or not-poor.  It is easy to ask for more money not to feel poor. Because sometimes we think that is what it is about. If I have a relationship, I won't feel lonely. I ran away f

What is Good Art?

Ways of Seeing: John Berger The Painting's secret geometry; Charles Bouleau What is good art? We always swing back to this ultimate question. What is good art? What makes artwork good? I have been asking myself this question for a long time. What makes art work for me?  What is it that I am drawn to? What is it that speaks to me? Why, almost all cave drawings are works of art. The dyes, the gestural movements, the momentum, the way they speak, they project. Is it the time they hold, a philosophical warning on the human ego, a reminder of the indefinite finality of the flesh. Or is it the change or unchanged that we can measure? What about the art in times closer to us? Is it the size or material used? Is it purely the brush strokes or accuracy it holds? Maybe it is the artist, not the art itself that is good. The beauty of discussion is, whilst it is objective, it is far more subjective than we think. We decide what is good or bad through personal experiences a

Being an Artist - Working with Nature's Forces

The work I produce surprises me time to time. When I look at one of my paintings after its completion, I ask myself, “Was that really me who painted this beauty?”  I would have no recollection of painting them consciously. I become a vessel on a journey and someone or something directs me. I sail along the waters. WATERS are the emotions-the rooted being at my unconscious level of my existing. Anyone who knows the zone well is aware of nature’s forces and becoming one with the Gaia. The collective consciousness which lays above us opens its doors. The sweet float begins. That is the state of meditation, being in focus. Everything else stops. Painting to me is like asking myself to accept me with everything I am. My mistakes, my little shames, my happiness, my goods-bads, the lives I have known and the death, the awake me and the passed out, the unctuousness and the conscious. It asks me to trust in the process. It is a process that I can’t judge where it is going and I don’t have t


Nice to be mentioned at The Star Sheffield as an Inspiring Installation Artist Talking Gigs, Photographer: Tom Attah: Incredible photos from a very talented artists: The Confluence Project: Link: