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Exploring Colour as a Concept,

I would like to share the thought process during my researches and show how a small project evolves from big and inexpensive ideas :) It takes a journey to become small but yet meaningful.

05/01/2014 DAY:1
Researching colour and how we perceive colour, natural and synthetic dyes and so on.
That is a well known fact that we perceive the colour accordance to the reflected light wave length. A red flower means, the light in the red wavelength is reflected from the surface of the flower so this is why and how we see the flower as red flower.
So it evokes a question I would like to dig in to:
 Does that mean the colour of red is the rejected colour, the 'unaccepted, unwanted' one, the one which can not penetrate through the substance?  The blue spectrum is absorbed. It is the part of the nature of the flower. So it means the flower is not red,  but it is blue.  It rejects red but becomes one with the blue.
Only if I have a device, which when I point it to the flower it will show me the absorbed/real colour of it.
What Fine Art means, I love it: Art disentangled itself from craft; the term fine arts, “those which appeal to the mind and the imagination,” was first recorded in 1767.

Institutionalist art and artist after World War II:  To be able to fund any project, you have to talk the language, the language of the art bureaucracy ??!!  Require a series of investigation on which projects has been funded over the last half a century to see the trends.

the so-called culture boom. Arts councils, funding bodies, educational programs, residencies, magazines, awards—an entire bureaucratic apparatus. In the mantra of the graduate programs, “technique”—not inspiration or tradition, became the currency of aesthetic authority.** I believe not working, day dreaming are a big part of artists life as it should be. Thinking, chatting, gathering, staring concepts are as important as working, researching, investigating. The minds desires to be relax to be inspired in a row the create a final visual image which then can be traced and be realized.

06/01/2014 DAY:2
Each colour has a wave length and frequency which can be calculated. These frequencies have equivalent of musical notes, which means each colour has an equivalent musical note.
On the other side which is fascinating is the effects of the colours on psychology. And knowing all these qualities exists at the same time. Each Chakra has an equivalent colour. A colour can be in a positive or negative spectrum. When reading through the qualities of these positive and negative spectrum, it just makes so much sense, simply because it fits perfectly to the people I have known through my life. When a person is very up in a certain way, definitely becomes down in the other direction. Something about the correlation between colour-Chakra-sound ?? Where would this take me to I wonder? Therapy .. sound therapy, colour therapy, spiritual therapy could be one single thing which is matching to certain frequencies ? And where does 'movement' stand in this? 

Sound - Colour converter : code included at the site: I wonder ... Can the performance be calibrated to response in colour to the sound in a visual form ? Would that be too much or what is the optimum way to use this information?

12/01/2015- Monday
What a week that I have passed.  The selfishness of human being is easy to be accepted by the mind of a thinker but a double standard approach of a friends who are defined as thinkers in the mind of a thinker hits the reality of the primal nature of human race. Although the primal instincts are very useful in the times requires quick movement, in the long term plans, structuring the ideas, it could cause loses. It has been a very interesting week for me.
OK NOW, is time for some unicorns ...
Could that be all these stuff about unicorns, the mythical creatures, their fierce physical power and magical, healing properties are just a reference to the qualities that humans have had.  Our magical, fierce powers can only be controlled with our soft, understanding, still childhood qualities of our gentle virgin side ? The magnificent can rest in the laps of the beautiful innocent.
Colour is an important characteristic of food. Based on the colour of the food, first impressions are made.Based on these first impressions, a judgements is made whether the food is safe to eat or not, whether it can be expected to taste good or not. Since the colour is closely associated with expectations, the addition of colour the food is a way to full fill these expectations. More:....<a href=""></a>
The relation between colour and evolution theories?????
Social attitude ??

Natural biocolorants and their pharmacological properties

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