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Intent Based Blog & Article Writing For New & Busy Bees : Recognize The Brand Identity

I am releasing parts from my online course. Read it, use it and if you like enroll my mini-courses which are designed to create the most impact in a short time so you get going to the next step. Welcome to the Blog Post Writing Intent/Content Creating Course In this section, we will identify the necessary style elements our blog should fit in. Pre-planning requires understanding about the environment we are in. In this section, we will look at our environment to define what these elements are. At the end of the section, there is a hand out which I want you to print out and fill in before you start the next section of this course. By doing so, you are building a concrete understanding of your brand and your web environment. Let’s start with Brand Identity: It could be either we are writing for our own business, building up content, creating relationships with our audience who then will convert into being our clients. The second scenario is, we are writing to anoth
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Preparing Presentation Workshop Notes Designed By Ayse Balkose

PREPARING PRESENTATION 1- We enjoy- take joy from our presentation, from the surprise element we have prepared for the audience/ the others. 2- Quintessential part is not to try to impress. Facial Expressions Project the energy to inside not to the audiences Enjoy our journey There are different types of presentations. Over the years when we climb up the stairs in our career, the presentation styles changes. The only thing that makes the presentation valuable is you Every presentation is a sales pitch .  Let’s define what we are aiming to shoot when with the end. Imaging we are doing archery: What are we aiming at; where is the emotion, what do we want to convert the audience towards. Impression Impact A call to action Emotional stories Ethics and morals Rational facts Physical senses: visual; oratorial, audible, smell, taste, touch  Every presentation has  a big idea/theme subthemes/smaller ideas Bridge the smaller ideas and con

A Different Way Of Walking

There is a list of strange things I’ve done over the years. Here on my blog, I like to show how I’ve tried to face my fears in the safest way possible, building courage by overcoming them through analysis. In doing so, I often take unusual or experimental approaches. Although these approaches may differ, each is a bead in the rosary – and a component in the art I produce.  At the end of this blog, I give my restaurant, book, audiobook, film, YouTube and music recommendations. Some may be new to you.  I used to think we are born with the tools we need to make the best of our lives and control our emotions, but science suggests we inherit 50% of our emotional state through our DNA (see the audiobook Understanding Mysteries of Human Behavior below). Since DNA is epigenetic, it can be altered by external factors and it is thought that environmental changes to the DNA we inherit account for a further 30% or our emotional state. The remaining 20%, however, is up to us. This 20%