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A Sense of Space with Herve Perez 1

2 weeks ago on Saturday, I did long and deep stretch. I felt my body wanted to do so. It felt good for my lower back and my groin area first until I went out for a run at the Mill House Park. I literally could manage to do half an hour jog and my right hip was in agony. It was the weirdness sensation in my inner leg and outer hip join. From the inside of my foot to off the knee, slightly inside towards back of the knee, there was this pain as if my muscles are being torn apart with each step. I had to walk back home under the rain gave me an insight on how the muscles are connected from my lower back to my foot.
The first attempt to do some moves was last Wednesday on 26th November at the Bank Street Arts gallery with Herve and his alto sax. Although the week before Herve's reiki session eased my pain, my movements were restricted
I dance and paint with my bare feet with live improvised music as one of my ongoing projects. Knowing I have limitations draws me back in at the times I am feeling too up to the front. It is not one of those times.  
Now is the time to put it out, convert the potential into kinetic.
I met with Herve around 6.20 pm at the Bank Street Arts building. I love his presence, his calmness. The clarity and stillness he carries in him aura. In his music lies the contradiction. I feel shuttered glass, breaking dried mud box to get out to the surface, the leaks of the light and cool breeze sweeping of the scratched, bleeding knuckles and resting with the sweet smell of the mosses under a tree of hues. The hue of the sound, sound of the hues in the iris only is seen to the eyes closed to the surroundings. 
It is a hug from my brother and a kiss I deliver to his neck. Pure of who I am I give and I receive. What matters is the moment. It is the simple, honest and deep resonance of a shared moment with a purpose.
His word to me makes me want to do it more and more. "Drop your expectations, expectation of which of from other people, which of from you. The Expectations of the outcomes, the expectation to do well. None of them are important. There is neither future nor a past. There is only now and be in the now."

This leads me to listen deeply... Let my body to move in harmony with the sound in the space as the way it wants to.  . It is as easy as breathing. I listen to synchronise with the musician.
Thank You Herve...
With the first blow of his alto sax, his fingers have been sliding through the notes in a speed which puts my mind into a calm trance. 
Development sessions are important to connect with the person and with the self as well as the sound. It is the familiarity which helps to relax more.  When we go up to the openness off the indoor courtyard area, the high of the space and the familiarity enhanced the eco in our collaboration. 
One and a half hours from start to finish. I wanted more...

The fire ball resting in my guts has woken up and I LIKE IT A LOT. I like not to be restricted by a surface area, the patterns TO BE CREATED.  I LIKE THAT nothing is tangible except the feelings which are so personal. This is truly provocative in the silence of the mind.

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