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A Brief Look onto My Abortion Experience

I am not trying to be a voice for every woman in the world. These are my and some of my friends' experiences on our abortions.
I do understand why some people might be against abortion. I appreciate the effort of granting the best what we can to the world we live in.  Saving lives matters. That is their deed and I accept this actuality. No intention of mine towards changing them. I am only asking to live their reality far out of my reach. We still remark each other. I am the woman who they are against.
Abortion is not just about "my body my decision". It is about "my life, my future, and a little person’s possible deprived and unhealthy future" if has not been fit to raise them.  
Hey, have a vision, maybe,I am saving you from a potential serial killer.  
If a woman is not in a right state or doesn’t have the means to look after herself, the child is going to have a very hard time growing up.
I am not suggesting, we should force the women to have the babies they don&…

#4 What Does It Mean To Be An Artist? Who is An Artist?

What Does It Mean To Be An Artist?
There is much to say on the highs and the lows, the development of characters and the presentation of the self in the work that we produce an the processes we live.. Of course, I am aware, not all of us think the same way. I may be one of the many who finds this internal experience uncanny and simultaneously gratifying. As my opinions go, by being one of those elevating beings who tends to share extensive time with many other artists, in both common and private spaces, the truth lingers in the air we breathe and share. For now, this is my insight into the depths of the question "What does it mean to be an artist?" that I share.
I see artists as explorers. Each of us is unique. Still, I have observed some common traits. This article contains semi-biographic and semi-observational qualities.
With one flip of a coin, an artist becomes a blend of a self-realized anthropologist, psychologist, and philosopher. Aware of the impacts of emotions in the…

Blog #3 My Story

I started painting because it gave me a sense of belonging. There was no right or wrong. There was no failure. Being with paints and a surface to paint gave me tremendous joy. My mind became free to express its inner being and life.

Why was this important?

I will not be talking about painting or art on my blog posts. Those are my extensions, the end result of my inner work. I'd like to talk about the work I put into my soul, my mind and my body to find the balance state in my life to get better, be joyful, not to feel poor or not to feel lonely.
It is not about being rich or super wealthy, having millions of followers or tens of friends, or having the best relationship, the love of your life... I am talking about grassroots, all down level of not feeling lonely or not feeling not-loved, not-liked or not-poor.  It is easy to ask for more money not to feel poor. Because sometimes we think that is what it is about. If I have a relationship, I won't feel lonely.

I ran away from my…

Tomorrow's Shine #2

We try to show the world that we have made it. That is the anxiety.

Also, there is a part in us tries to prove that we don't care. We don't care what others think about us, because there are some people who like us as we are. So we do thinks of our bodies. Slight modifications.  In our living rooms and lives. Still, we prove hard. Tatooes, piercings, flowers, hats, shoes. They should show a personality blended with fashion comprehension, the trend catchers, slightly off the radar whilst perfectly fitting in. That is the way we don't care about the others thoughts.
When this is the case, the anxiety bars rise up. Not caring becomes a huge problem. At least it was easy when we felt we had to conform to the norms. The tribe we live in demands various personalities.  Our tribe is not the main culture we are in, yet far from it. It is the combination of 20 different cultures. Still, we have to be the one in it. The top gun without being narcissistic and loving, caring, thought…