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Efflux: Audio-Visual Installation, Sheffielder's relation with the city's building
Spaces Once Hold Memories: Soundscapes and photography series; for Trelex-Amazon and Peru Rainforest Expeditions Lodges.
A Journey of UnBelonging: Multi-Dimensional Improvisation Based Live Performance; for ArtsReach / the Journey's Festival.
A Butter Dark: Personal Project: A Photo Essay
A Sense of Space: Performance in un-conventional spaces; with Herve Perez.
Order and Choas: Cross over graffiti-Islamic patterns and dance; with Mattias Jones.
The Close System:   Participatory Live Performance
Material Stories of Migration: Photography and live art; for the Storying Sheffield and the University of Sheffield.
Declaration Kriol: Documentary Photography with Rafiki Jazz for Arts on the Run and the University of Sheffield.
Transmitting Musical Heritage: Documentary Photography with Rafiki Jazz for Arts on the Run & the University of Sheffield.
Voice: Video & Sound Installation; for Migration Matters Festival & the Arts on the Run.
Am Is A Reactor: A Photo Series exploring the body image 





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A Brief Look onto My Abortion Experience

I am not trying to be a voice for every woman in the world. These are my and some of my friends' experiences on our abortions.
I do understand why some people might be against abortion. I appreciate the effort of granting the best what we can to the world we live in.  Saving lives matters. That is their deed and I accept this actuality. No intention of mine towards changing them. I am only asking to live their reality far out of my reach. We still remark each other. I am the woman who they are against.
Abortion is not just about "my body my decision". It is about "my life, my future, and a little person’s possible deprived and unhealthy future" if has not been fit to raise them.  
Hey, have a vision, maybe,I am saving you from a potential serial killer.  
If a woman is not in a right state or doesn’t have the means to look after herself, the child is going to have a very hard time growing up.
I am not suggesting, we should force the women to have the babies they don&…

Spaces Once Hold Memories... Trelex Amazon Residency

Trelex Amazon Residency Reflections,
I could write two posts to describe the amazing space that Trelex Amazon and Rainforest Expeditions provided for us, one for Refugio and one for TRC (Tambopata Research Centre.) The lodges are incredible. Being in a jungle and far away from the world is an exhilarating experience. Having a whole month in the rainforest and in this environment allowed me to relax and absorb the space, the people, the jungle and myself. The art of exploration could not get any more comfortable and luxurious.Was I spoiled? Yes, very much so and I love the memory that stays with me.
I developed 2 major bodies of work during my residency in the Amazon at the Rainforest Expedition Lodges. One of them is a photography series and the other one is experimental electronic soundscapes.
Experimental Soundscapes: Ayse Balko, Amazon, Come To Tower With Me

    Listen on:    Soundcloud
Photography Gallery Spaces Once Hold Memories:

Displacement - Memory - Re-designing Identity
My Inspira…

#4 What Does It Mean To Be An Artist? Who is An Artist?

What Does It Mean To Be An Artist?
There is much to say on the highs and the lows, the development of characters and the presentation of the self in the work that we produce an the processes we live.. Of course, I am aware, not all of us think the same way. I may be one of the many who finds this internal experience uncanny and simultaneously gratifying. As my opinions go, by being one of those elevating beings who tends to share extensive time with many other artists, in both common and private spaces, the truth lingers in the air we breathe and share. For now, this is my insight into the depths of the question "What does it mean to be an artist?" that I share.
I see artists as explorers. Each of us is unique. Still, I have observed some common traits. This article contains semi-biographic and semi-observational qualities.
With one flip of a coin, an artist becomes a blend of a self-realized anthropologist, psychologist, and philosopher. Aware of the impacts of emotions in the…