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Close System where audiences actively become part of the moment of the creation by producing sounds from everyday objects.

The Close System is a real-time simultaneous audience participation project.  A Close system is an isolated system in thermodynamics.
 The idea "Close System" is creating a space which becomes A playground of audiences. Creating a safe environment to allow intentions to travel by sound waves, unite with the movement of dance and become a painting.
The Room is blacked out; with incense to intensify our senses. The candle-light creates warmth and allows the room to be sensual, rises the confidence levels up...  
Audiences play basic homemade instruments; create noises through found objects in the room. They follow a series of basic guiding instructions coming from the movements. We exchange intentions and the pathways as an individual during  moment of collectively creating dance, music and painting through sound and movement. It has been just so powerful and amazing.

 The ROOM is an isolated, safe, organic, living system. 
I was in Cardiff for a performance with Rafiki Jazz, a dance fusion of capoeira and traditional belly dancing with a hint of contemporary dance. After the performance, someone(his name is Toby) came to me and asked me if I were "the artist" at The Confluence Project couple months ago. He said with a big passion and huge heart as if sharing a secret that only a few people know and must not be heard. Very gently, he nearly whispered and said: "I was in The Room" and smiled at me. 

I cried after he left. The most amazing gift to give to someone and accept from someone is the allowing of freedom to do it in our ways without any prejudices and judgments as equals.

Is it the power of art... the power of allowing... the power of sharing and trusting....? It is an experience and chance to trust people in a room and be yourself.

I have couple people on the street, at the local festivals approaching to me and using similar expressions. I am so grateful that you are/were with me within the every second. Thank You..