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Thoughts after Being Panellist at Somewhere to Create

After being a panellist at the Somewhere_to_Create, I discovered the need for a short description on what to do if you want to work in the creative sector as an artist/performer.

The questions asked are the indicators of what is occupying the minds. I heard it a lot that it is not easy. I am opposing this, it is as easy as breathing.  We should get over the other stuff which occupies more time than we could imagine.

Before becoming practical, lets be more practical. First, eat well and move around. Go for walks or any other way to keep the blood flowing well with high nutritions in your blood. Not from a health point, from a thinking point.You will need the every quality thinking second you can get out of your brain. It is the brain we want to keep in very good shape, the rest is to feed it well with best quality air, nutritiants and good blood flow.

Lets presume you know what you want to do but you don't know how to make connections and put your work out, and be known. 
There are certain things I would suggest you to forget about your life. The first one is "time", second one is "perfect work".  Instead, use these frames, "timing" and "the best you can give to your work"..

Lets say, you want to be a photographer, actor or a script writer. Doesn't really matter the name of the profession you choose. What matters is what are you doing in your daily life to be the person you want to be.

1- Find any community group in your local area, or a group of people who could do with your help and offer your services to these people or the group. It is much more better than working as a volunteer , you are offering hour services for free to support an idea or a group of people. In this way, there will not be a lot of people who would tell you what to do, which means, you have to figure out the ebst ways to achieve the desired out comes. You will have your clients who will give you positive and negative feed back. And as a clever artist, you recognise the areas you need to improve. This is an amazing concept. Don't be afraid to be dedicated to it, have fun and try out different and new things.
These groups will embrace you, will give you an other identity and is a good way to do an introduction to the life of self-employed artist. You will find yourself naturally networking and meeting with new people who then could open doors for you in the business field you are aiming to progress.

2- Catch or create collaborations. In some cases, it doesn't matter on what you are collaborating, it is all about progressing your art and meeting with new people. Collaborations with different diciplines is good for breaking thought habits and patterns.