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It is a project which brings together three dimensions of artistic expression within the theme of cultural displacement .

I am proud to announce new commissioned collaborative performance + art  piece for the ArtReach, Contemporary Arts and Development Agency, as a development project. Premier performance will be held at mid February.

Journey of Un-Belonging is a collaborative and challenging performance project between Egyptian composer ,musician , ney flute and oud player Mina Mihail  Salama (Refugee),  Turkish originated Turkish/British performer, visual artist and photographer Aysegul Thornett and significant theme member Angolian originated Portuguese director and independent film maker Joao Paulo Simoes.

We are aiming to create more awareness on the un-settled , un-belonging journey of refugees through real life experience and story of Mina Salama.

The expression of the conceptual inner journey of not-belonging  will be reflected on a large board in the form of painting through  movements of performance artist based of tai chi, acrobatics and dance. Ayse  will be action painting with her feet by her dramatic movements directly influenced by live music from Mina Salama. Live painting action will be recorded and videod by Joao which then be projected to a screen as part of the performance installation. The flow of lights and the narrative of changing layered up costumes gives the dramatic change of the inner perception of refugee's journey towards finding sanctuary .  But is there ever a sanctuary ?
Photo credit, Aysegul Balkose

I define it as  a conceptual collage of movement, dance, music, emotions. Finished painting and the video is the evidence of this mindful wordless interaction.

There will be series of  1 starting/development session, 3 studio/workshop sessions and 1  performance premiere which will lead to further performance opportunities.
At these sessions artists will come together  and synchronise  their individual work accordingly to the theme to develop the performance .  Pilot run will be the reflecting the concept as whole and will be performance premiere for future performances. Each studio/workshop session will be focusing on one sub-theme whilst the main performance is covering the main theme "A Journey of UnBelonging" .

You can share your own ideas, experience, thoughts through this platform. 

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