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Maurício de Almeida Gomes, If My Homeland is Coloured

Maurício de Almeida Gomes, grandfather of Indipendent film maker, director, Joao Paulo Simoe.  
When Joao made a  conscious decision to translate the work of his grandfather's into English, he would't have guess that he would be entering a Historical context of what is perhaps the most influential Angolan poetry of its time.
            "A lonely, visionary flare sent towards the stars…Into the uncertain, troubled future…Communicating to all those who were to think of themselves as alone and unheard that it is possible......That conscience and courage can make us who we want to be…"

I recommend you to read the blog that is dedicated to this great refugee poet by his grandson, Joao Simoe.

  If my homeland is coloured...

my homeland has colour.

I’m not aware of any other land
where such beauty can be found
in the coloured syncope
of a late afternoon…

t’is still to be fated
such a snow-covered moonlight
which could spill so much milk
in nights of a full moon…

over my bronzed body,
over my soul clear as snow,
all over my homeland of such beauty,
intoxicating orgies of colour.

- if my homeland is coloured!...

in the bleeding wound
of the endless deep-red wildfire,
burning inside me,
and in the past darkness
of certain moonless nights;
and with the fire out
in the scintillating beacon
of the Vessel,
where my Race
was crucified,

- my homeland has colour!

in the sweetest fruits,
in the vast waters,
in the ploughed fields,
in the indigo skies,
in the bodies so dark
of black men
of black women,
in the little trembling stars,
- tears of God
shed by innocent negroes
there are sweet tones
fascinating shades
of colour

- if my homeland is coloured!...

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