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Movement Reflections

Movement Reflections is my new project which I have been working on it for the last 6 months on and off basis.  The idea first came as an hunch at my old studio at bloc studios which I made my first Movement Reflection painting based on Tai chi movements and called the painting "Tai Chi Warrior"

It is very exciting to see the project becoming alive now. I will be doing my first public performance on 5 December in Sheffield  at CADS for The Confluence Project, Contemporary Art and Music Collaborations , between 7pm till late.

I will be performing on live Jazz band and on to Algorave Techno, live coder-DJ Alex Mclean.

I will be painting with my feet onto a wide board feeding my tai chi and dance based movements with music and reflecting the 3 dimensional momentum into 2 dimensional paint marks.

Here are some links to my collaborators and to the event.