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Driving Force Behind The Journey

For all I know is, how we move, how we walk, how we breathe, how we stand is who we are... Who we are is a collection of personal interpretations of experiences we collect into our physical and non-physical-selves.
Our physical movements create three dimensional patterns in the ether,air. As I know, how we move is who we are,  it means we create patterns of who we are in that particular moment of space and time, because we are also in continuous change and growth.  
Our environment and outside forces have influences and effects on our emotions & thoughts in that specific frame of time. One of the most effective of these forces is music.  Music travels in the ether in the form of sound waves, as we all know.
This is the root of <a href="" title="New Project, Commissioned by Journeys Festival, ArtReach: “Journey of UnBelonging”">"Journey of Unbelonging"</a> . I empty my mind from thoughts by a series of meditations (still and moving meditation techniques) which allows me to move mindfully. 
My intention is capturing the  physical sound waves and emotional impact of music and transforming it into the form of three dimensional patterns.
This is an idea came that from my engineering technical drawing classes. Every three dimensional pattern will have a two dimensional reflection. For instance, similar to the creation of shadow puppetry.
Within Journey of UnBelonging project, my soul is dancing with the music created by an amazing composer/musician who has been through the journey of being a refugee. His talent and honest approach to his own journey makes my paintings, honest paint marks of this lonely struggle and creating a new life and self. Because once you are not at home, then you are alone and you do not belong any where until you make a new home if it ever feels like you can.
I am a privileged person who has the opportunity to create, to see, to feel this much honesty, without any exaggerations, any pity, any pretendness  but only as it has been experienced by amazing talented artists, Mina, Joao and modestly myself, Ayse.

Joao, master of the words and story tellers, our independent director has a significant role in this project.  Only with the right observer's view point and projection of the honest and true interpretation of the process, (for me, the art is not only the out come but the art is the process which ends up with the specific out come), the audience would be able to not only see and feel but also be part of the whole journey of the creation with the artists; me and Mina.

The answer for the question of it is the concept of "Journey of UnBelonging" : Mina, Joao and I have done this journey and grow from it. We have something to say on the same concept in three different art forms.