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Being the Authentic Self Through Improvisation

In the silence of the space, with sound and dance, a new space born in the tower we call human soul. Improvisation forces the participants to participate with their souls and the audiences to watch with their souls. It is an art form for the souls. It is provocative, mind twisting and incredibly calming at the same time. The moment of improvisation opens up new channels to breath in the creative force, clarity of thought/vision and allows to be.

Dance, painting/sound improvisation. Creativity through spontaneity. Sometimes I am in my flow, sometimes I move in the space to fill it because my mind is thinking about how to move.
If there ought to be rules, this is the first one. DON'T THINK OF HOW TO DO IT, DO IT WITH YOUR FLOW. It is as easy as it is said once you feel it. Practice is not to have expectations.
The power of improvisation is in the authentic self. The power of thought is it allows the self to become the thought in that moment.  Let's do some maths. In my opinion an improvisational performance only works if it is done with the authentic self. Because that is the only very unique element we can share with others. It is our honest expression.
Improvising is; being in that moment fully with your mind, body and heart. Like a quote from an old martial arts movie. "Be the movement, be the sound"... It is being naked. It is like throwing a pebble in a well and I don't know how deep the well is. But it sounds amazing...
This is where rituals play their parts. Rituals allow disengagement. They intentionally mark a moment. Rituals could be personal or characteristic for a group. Sitting quietly couple of minutes in the middle and deep breathing is my ritual. It could be a prayer, circling twice on clockwise, or chanting... I think the best thing is in time observing what gives/allows an ease start. 
 Quieting the mind and taking the focus away from anything, including the out comes. It is to learn to trust yourself. I believe this is the journey of improvisation in my life. 
There are as many ways of expressing an impression as the number of beings. Why not show mine.

In that sense I find a lot of similarities with being a photographer.It require technical knowledge on craft and tool would eb as good as the ability to be in the moment and let it happen. This is the only way of creating new sequences, being unique each time.

Improvisation is creating feeling of order through delivering a momentous chaos. (Matt Jones, this is my approach, shoot yours back)