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Toast Magazine Oil Paintings Exhibition Review: COUNTLESS

Toast Magazine Review

Aysegul THORNETT’s above the bar gallery show was billed as a step into the subconscious mind.
Oil paint, acrylic and pastel create the impression that, with this show, I have perhaps stepped into the dreams of a mad woman.  This Sheffield based painter, sculptor and performance artist uses canvas and cardboard to display the inner workings of a mind that is searching to find a balance between the culture she was raised in and the one that she now lives and works within.   The Riverside endeavour to support the local art scene and its upstairs room compliments the works on show.
Its white space, flowing river and a smattering of locals who are eager to have a chat about the arts, enriching the works as only our city knows how.   The jumble of ideas collide and contrast resulting in works such as Loverman; a ghostly and alluring piece which is offset against harsher abstract bashes at figures and faces.  The collection of abstracts chart Thornett’s interpretation of a dream world that staggers between relaxation and a riot.  A kaleidoscope of colours, textures and emotion leave you wondering what she eats before bed.

By Laura Holt